My name is Anne

I'm a registered childminder running a professional childminding business from my house in Queens Park. I share my home with my son Charlie who is 17. I've worked with all ages of children as a nanny for 13 years and in a nursery environment. I've completed my introduction to childminding practise, and I hold an emergency first aid certificate for babies and young children. I've attended training on the early year's foundation stage. I intend to have on going training to update my childminding practices.

I'm offering a childminding service between Sam - 6pm Tuesday - Friday. I provide a range of toys for 0-8year olds in a clean and loving environment. I also have a spacious garden with a sand pit and little tike toys.

ROUTINE 8-9am Breakfast 9.30/1O am Park, Drop in's. 12/12.30 Home for lunch. Sleep or quiet time after lunch. We may go out again in the afternoon depending how long the children sleep for, or we will have free play or structured play with paint, play dough, gluing and sticking. I'm very much an outdoor person, therefore we visit the park in all sorts of weather, so warm clothes with hat gloves and waterproofs are essential. I walk most places with the children but occasionally we will use the car.

I will communicate with parents on a day to day basis about are day, but I would appreciate if drop offs and pick ups are done quickly, so I can have my family time in the evening and the children and I can start are day in the mornings. I'm happy to have regular arranged meetings to discuss your Child's development and any concerns you might have.

DUTIES Ensuring the physical and psychological well-being of all the children in my care. Actions will include: Attending to safety measures appropriate to children's capabilities. Preparing and cooking children's meals. Feeding a balanced diet. Comforting children in times of stress or upset. Encouraging appropriate rest/sleep during the day. Promoting psychological development, entertainment and active learning through play. Actions will include: Planning and setting out appropriate play spaces for free play throughout the day Attending drop in's and parks. Active involvement in play, including looking at books, singing nursery rhymes, role play and helping with artwork.

HOLIDAYS I will take 4-5 weeks holiday a year. Both parties should give a minimum of four weeks notice (if possible). I charge full fees for parent's holiday and full fees for my own time off. (No fee will be charged if I take more then four weeks holiday). Childminder sickness or occasional days off- no payment. Child/parent sickness or occasional days off- full payment. Full fee for bank holidays.

Contact Me on 07958 917 425 or

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